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VRX - BTR Series - Vortex and breaker Pumps


The pumping action is produced by the impeller vanes rotation causing a vortex or turbulence. The open impeller is axially displaced from the pump suction, enabling a free solids passage. Therefore the vortex pumps are able to handle liquids with high solid content, even nearly sizing the discharge diameter. Simple construction, non-clogging and with components free from important wear. These self priming positive displacement pumps have three spindles, one driving and two driven.

Constructive Types: Vertical semi submersed: Submersed casing on suction tank, with variable height intermediate column and outside electrical motor on top part. Oil filled column for mechanical seal cooling and bottom bearing lubrication, enabling pump for dry running. That makes unnecessary pump start/stop float switches.

Horizontal monobloc: Mounted with standard flanged motors, according to IEC, with dismountable and interchangeable half-shaft, with very compact construction. The mechanical seal can be oil cooled. Horizontal base plate: Pump, motor and flexible coupling mounted on common base plate. Suitable for severe applications or high motor powers. Under requirement, they can be mounted with oil cooled mechanical seal.

Applications: Fish pond drainage, pumping sea water with fish waste, in fishing vessels. Black water, sewage, water with solids on suspension as sand and other solid wastes.